#MyStyle | Cheongsam Dresses + Cultural Appropriation?

8 Jun 2018 Lagos, Nigeria

I only started hearing about cultural appropriation when I started working. At first, it was little things like just growing out one's hair without using chemicals like relaxers, texturisers and the rest of them to straighten it and stuff like that.

Then it moved on to hairstyles that were termed - African; then clothes, then food and then just all of it. There was even a time that a mixed couple ie. African + Caucasian; was a huge topic of conversation especially when it did seem at some point in time that a lot of African girls were dating, engaging and even marrying Caucasian guys.

I've never been a part of conversations around cultural appropriation and frankly, I'm not even sure anyone cares that much about it at the moment (although we all had our fangs out when Giuliana Rancic mis-spoke about Zenzaya's dreads on the Oscars red carpet. But dayum, Zendaya's come-back was awesome through and through)

Uhm, let's not digress. This here post is about fashion - fashion that I like. Which is weird because darlings, my fashion style is just termed Comfortable. Whatever that means to me at any given time, is it and it mainly revolves around vintage styles.

However, I stumbled on dresslily a couple of weeks back and it reminded me of a couple of asian outfits I purchased years back when I was still serving in Bauchi. I loved the embroidery, fabric and the general styling of them, besides you guys know I'm weird, so I got myself a couple.

In the spirit of throwback (weird on any day of the week outside thursday and maybe friday, but not really), I figured I'd share some of my style combos with these dresses from back then during youth service.
I beg of you to not try to understand why I dressed down the one on the left and dressed up the one on the right. We are talking about youth service here people.

Anyway, I loved these dresses a lot and wish they could make them in my size now, *loud sob*. You can view more of these if you want and let me know which cultures you'd like to borrow from.

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