Photography | How To Battle Warm & Cool Tone Selfies

11 Jun 2018 Lagos, Nigeria

This might be tricky, but please just bear with me.

In makeup, there is one thing all makeup artists need to look out for and that is skin undertone. Put simply, skin undertone is the colour that comes through your skin. Sounds confusing but it is true. Have you ever noticed that for some people gold jewellery looks better on them than silver and vice versa? That's because they have different undertones (and that's even the simplest of the differences). Apparently in photography, we have to deal with warm and cool tones (oh yes, the undertones come in warm, cool and neutral).

Imagine my surprise when I realised that photography could also be that complex *rolls eyes*

I'm warm toned, typically yellow more than red but warm all the same. But I prefer cool hues over my pictures. If you follow me on Instagram you'll definitely have noticed that - especially over my landscape pictures.

While most times during editing you can fix the tone to your preferred, there are times - like in this series of selfies - that there is nothing you can do short of separating the image and the background. However, in cases like this, knowing the resultant effect of the light ie. the sun in this case; helps a lot.
Can you guess which ones are the warm toned selfies and which ones are the cool toned selfies? I'll be checking the comments to see if you got it.

All I did was move from direct sunlight to a bit of a shade and the tones changed. My advise, use the same light source for all the pictures in a series or you will have to contend with change in light hues. If it's supposed to be an actual series for an editorial spread, then I can see a lot of pain in your immediate editing future, no kiddin.
A quick breakdown of my makeup in this look:

Zaron foundations in FZ20 & FZ05; Black Opal loose powder in Medium
Yangabeauty Browlution + MUD volumising mascara + Lancome Definicils mascara
Zaron brown brow pencil + Blot Cosmetics Burnt lipcolour + Jordana Lipshine natural glaze
 Orekelewa (yes, not Tara) no26 blush + a BM\Pro & Black Radiance bronzer mix; Covergirl Ebony bronze to contour
Chezjumelle (you can find them on Instagram)

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