Natural Hair | Diamond Bank Beauty Souk 2018

3 May 2018 Lagos, Nigeria

Yes, I saw Arese at the Diamond Bank Beauty Souk. 
In fact, i not only stopped her and took a picture with her, I took a picture of her hair (yes, its all her hair) and told her how much my whole watched The Voice from beginning to end and followed Jemeji till the end too (pls forgive my totally unglam picture)
So I went to Beauty Souk with my camera. I had no clear idea of why I was going 'cos I knew I wasn't going to buy anything (I almost never buy anything at fairs) so it was an odd feeling. However, when I got there, I discovered there was an abundance of naturalistas and no one was paying particular attention to them. So out came my camera and I only took pictures of the naturalistas I came across at The Beauty Souk.

Unfortunately, I only spent about an hour there so didn't take a truckload of images. But beginning with Arese, here are the images I took.

Still editing some of the pictures, but I'll update this post until I have all the images up
Took her unawares at the Zaron stand *grin*
Kanyinsola of Tresses was one of the speakers at the Beauty Souk sessions and as you all know has texlaxed hair. Here she is...not sure she even knew I was taking this picture sef, lol.
The Casabella team had an abundance of Naturalistas on their team. I wonder though, if it was intentional, hmmm.

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