Review | Ajali Marula Facial Oil and Cocoa & Coffee Energising Face Mask

30 Apr 2018 Lagos, Nigeria

If you've been following then you know that this year I've been very particular about my skincare. I began with Shea Moisture which I must admit is an awesome product I can't get enough of. I then decided that maybe I'd give oils and face masks a try (I follow a lot of foreign fashion & beauty bloggers and face masks are a thing. I've never considered them but this year is skin year).

The first Nigerian brand I thought to check was Ajali and I wasn't disappointed. 
I checked out the Marula oil and was impressed with the benefits it is said to possess ie. Lightweight and antioxidant rich, this oil quickly penetrates to help hydrate, firm, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for soft, radiant skin. I especially liked the hydrate and radiant skin part because I love moisture on my face no matter how much acne or spots I have.

I tried this product for over 2 weeks straight - one pump in the morning and 2 pumps at night. Pressing it into my skin like I've read to do with oils on the face and only wearing makeup on Sunday for church. IT WAS AMAZING! My skin was supple, radiant, bright, even my spots seemed to fade and my skin even out. 

I especially love that it is lightweight and absorbs quickly into the skin. Although for people with oily skin, I'd suggest a light blot after about 10/15 mins to avoid excess shine. For me though it was just ok.

I gave that bottle to my Mom, bought another one for myself and have convinced 2 other people that this Ajali Marula Oil is the cat's meow, LOL. For real though.
After my Marula Oil experience, I wanted to try something else from Ajali. I had been reading a lot about different types of face masks so when I saw they also had, at a very reasonable price too, I bought the Cocoa & Coffee mask. It seemed like it would compliment the face oil beautifully as it is said to Awaken tired & dull looking skin + brighten

I'm no expert at masks but after application and rinse off, my skin does feel tighter, cleaner and since I use it with the Marula Oil, the brightness of my skin is a given so I can't say if it is solely the reason for that. Application of this mask for me is twice a week and at night mainly because that's when I have the time for any kind of pampering.

I can't drink coffee because it gives me headache & Cocoa makes me fat so having it on my face and luxuriating in the smell of both is a great compromise *wide grin*

See what I look like with the face mask below
Instead of rinsing off the mask once it has dried - that is very messy; I rub it off my face to get the mask to collapse into powder form and fall off. Then I rinse off my face. 

These are the only other 2 Ajali products I've tried after the lip balm (which feels luxurious), the lip scrub (which I'm still learning to use) & the Konjac sponge (lovely product. See video) and they make the cut every single time.

Would I repurchase any of these?
I already repurchased the oil and yes I would repurchase the mask as well.

Have you used any Ajali product? Pls tell me what your thoughts on them are or if there is any particular one I should go ahead and try.

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