#MyStyle | My Body, Peplum & Being Pear Shaped

27 Apr 2018 Lagos, Nigeria

The concept of the word 'Style' is still a bit strange to me as what I think of it seems to not quite be what the rest of the world thinks of it...or am I wrong?

It seems so strange that on the days I want to wear a t-shirt and pleated skirt or even shirt and pants, there is always a wrong reason to wear them on that day, at that moment, for that particular reason.
Well, like it or not, the concept of style for me means just one word – comfort. That’s my go-to word.

I came across Zaful sometime ago and looking at all the items they have on display made me think about what I can and can’t wear hence my initial allegory on what style means to me. 
I checked out more of their items here though. Can you blame me? One of my absolute favourite tops is a cowl neck top that is sure to either tear away from my body or while in the laundry very soon.

Anyway, I digress, today’s article though titled #MyStyle is focused on body sizes. Before you ask, I’m pear shaped. I don’t know why but when most people meet me in person they usually go “oh, you are bigger in person.” Outside of the fact that its soooo rude, it’s also courtesy of the fact that I tend to show more of just my face on social media than my body and of course my highlight & contour is almost always on point *speak to the hand*

I must tell you though that although being pear shaped means that you are a notch higher than being a perfect figure 8 so much curvier, it is almost hell finding the perfect outfit to ensure you are always fashion slayed. Why? Because the proportion of your waist to your hips is so much. For example, I’m between 32 & 35 on my waist but my hips are between 45 & 48. This means that when I find a skirt or pants that are my waist size, they can never get to my waist unless it’s a skirt that can skitter past my bust to my waist. So most times I get something that fits my hips and have it manually adjusted to fit my waist because then it’s going to be way too big (guess now you know why I never really wear fitted clothing)
On the whole, the proportion of my waist to my hips makes me uncomfortable so you can imagine my delight when I discovered the peplum. I remembered the first time I read about peplum styles when I saw these lovely zaful peplum tops and their selection for women my size is commendable too. I had bought a lovely vintage style top and tried it on and it was flattering as it beautifully skimmed my hips thereby eliminating the offending curve of my hips.

Anyway, I think you guys have heard me complain enough about the shape of my body for now. I’m just going to go away for now and admire the peplum style outfits I have while thanking GOD for the person that invented them.

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