From Black Opal to BLK/OPL

25 Apr 2018 Lagos, Nigeria

Remember the Black Opal review I did when the brand formally came into Nigeria? Check it out here.

That was ages ago darlings. Black Opal has rebranded and is now BLK/OPL. It is still pronounced the same way though but the spelling has changed and they've introduced a whole new range of products into the Nigerian market.

I was at the launch a couple of weeks ago and received some of these new products. I've been playing around with them but thought I'd show you what they looked like first with a short review of each since I've had a chance to try them out.
The Blk/Opl loose powder remains the same. Using a powder puff, I like to use this to set under eye concealer or foundation using rolling motions so the powder is evenly spread. This ensures there isn't too much powder which can make that area cakey if care isn't taken.
Uhm, unfortunately I didn't get my shade in this (maybe I'll just do a look with it even though it isn't my shade just to see if it dries matte). Anyway, I tried this on someone else and it didn't dry matte. Maybe because she naturally has very oily skin and it was a once usage but that's my two cents. It's a cream product and cream products do well with coverage especially when they are buffed lightly onto the surface of the skin and not worked into the skin too much so I guess the coverage works as well.
In this part of the world, powder foundations are used as powders! It's a fact, I'm not making it up. So that's what I used this for during my shoot. Thankfully, it comes in a shade I can work with on myself so I'll be sharing more of my feedback on this with you in Instagram stories.
I also received this in a dark shade and didn't experience any matte finish during my shoot so once again, I'll have to say 'Imma give this another try on myself this time around and see if there's a difference)
THESE ARE THE BEST OF THE BUNCH! Everyone loves them (including my mum). Elma Mbadiwe even commented on the texture when I used this on her for one of the shoots. It's creamy and moisturising and you literally can never apply too much as it's just so light weight. Pigmentation/coverage depends on the shade used and the complexion but in all, I have nothing but good things to say about the lip crayons.
I had such high hopes for this lipstick and trust me when I say this picture (or any picture for that matter) does it no justice as it absolutely looks amazing. It's a rich duochrome purple lipstick that immediately gives you visions of a sexy vamp lip. Alas, the pigmentation is totally below par *le sigh* I was so sad.

Unfortunately, I didn't receive any of the products I'm used to apart from the loose powder. I'd have been able to comment on the formulation as I hear that the brand has also improved on its product formulation along with the rebrand. I guess in time I'll get to use them and we'll see how well the formulation holds up.

Anyway, like I said at the beginning of this post, I tried my hands at some beauty shoots using these products. I'll be sharing pictures from these shoots in subsequent soon as I can get my photoshop up and running in time to edit the images that is *covers face*.

Has anyone used the new Blk/Opl products yet? What did you think?

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