Photography | A Bougainvillea Beauty Story

23 Apr 2018 Lagos, Nigeria

This has been an exciting project for me. I think this is mainly because it tested ALL my skills - makeup, creative direction, photography and photo editing.

In fact, this story was very close to not being made because at first there was no oomph in the images. Alas, a small sprig of bougainvillea made all the difference and this story was born.

Thank you to Elma Mbadiwe for bearing the thorns and thistles in the bushes, lol and to my little assistant - Olivia. They both endured my shenanigans and rolled their eyes whenever I said 'awesome'.

If you'd like me to break down the makeup products I used for this look, pls leave a comment under an image from this series on my Instagram - @barbara1923


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