Review | Growing My Hair With Mara Cruiz Organics Afro-Textured & Natural Hair Range

19 Apr 2018 Lagos, Nigeria

I'm finally going to admit it - Growing my hair back from a crew cut has got to be the most excruciating thing ever! There, I said it. I wake up everyday wondering how much longer the hair has grown *covers face*. 
The best part of it all is that people exclaim how much my hair has grown and I have to hush myself within to prevent me from saying "but it's not growing fast enough".

As much as genes have played like an 80%  role in the growth of my hair to the extent I can now do a mohawk after 8 months, I must admit that I've kept quite a good routine and even fallen in love with a new Nigerian Natural Hair brand called Mara Cruiz.

I had never heard about them prior to November 2017, but I started offering creative social content services (check out their Instagram) and they were my first Client. By virtue of this, I got to try out their products. Mara Cruiz offers 4 hair care ranges alongside essential oils & natural oils. These ranges cater to adult & children across natural hair and relaxed hair. Anyway, I use the range titled Afro Textured & Natural Hair. This range consists of a
  • Black Soap Shampoo
  • Rinse Out Conditioner
  • Leave-in Conditioner
  • Hair Cream 
  • Hair Oil
I know you guys are saying "Barbara, get to the point already. Why should I buy this product?". The 2 main reasons why I'd say purchase this product is for the fact that it Softens Hair Considerably (I can comb my hair dry with no breakage or struggle which I could NEVER do before) & it Keeps Hair Super Moisturised.
This product is ECONOMICAL as heck. I use a dime size amount of this product in 5 parts of my head and it's enough to wash my hair and even produces a lot of lather. Like all Black Soap shampoos, it doesn't dry out the hair but with this one there is an extra tingle as it has a little peppermint in it which helps to stimulate hair growth & improve blood circulation in the scalp. 
I don't know about you but this product right here, is the BEST for detangling. Usually, there is a mix of finger flexing and comb when detangling in the shower, but with this product, there is absolutely no need as it not only conditions the hair well and leaves it tingly but also detangles WELL.
This is my favourite product! I use it for daily hair care and it has made me almost stop using a water mix. A palmful of this product goes over my whole head and when I comb my hair, I get almost no fallout or breakage on the comb.
I've never used this product alone but always in combination with the oil or leave-in conditioner but I always seem to get an extra layer of moisture when I add this to my daily regimen. 
This is for sealing all the moisture from the leave-in and hair cream and in my opinion it does a great job of that as my hair retains a lot of moisture and remains soft for days.

I've never been one to have a daily hair routine so when I talk about it now it sounds strange. The Mara Cruiz products have made me create a daily hair routine for myself which involves the usage of either the leave-in conditioner and the oil, the hair cream and the oil or all 3 of them. My hair is flourishing now and I'm sure it silently thanks me.

I know that with Mara Cruiz, my current hair journey is going to be more enjoyable. That's for sure.

Interested in purchasing? Head over to their Instagram or Facebook page and send a message.

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