#TutorialTuesday | How To Groom Overgrown Eyebrows

17 Apr 2018 Lagos, Nigeria

If like me, you are hereditarily hairy ie. father, mother, grand-parents and so on have plenty hair on their head and body, then you can be sure that mono-brows and wolverine eyebrows will be the bane of your existence.

My first experience with anything other than my eyebrows being an extension of my head was in university when a room-mate took a razor to my brows in the name of 'shaping it' and carved it to within an inch of its life. For the entire first week, everyone kept saying "Barbara, you look different". They were too nice to say I looked permanently surprised. I had one more such experience but with wax before I finally concluded that no one would ever be allowed to get within a mili-inch of my brows ever.

Most of the time I leave my eyebrows full and almost bushy. I however, never permit them to link up for even a day before I'm hacking away at the hairs in between my brows. Even though they are seemingly unruly, I always groom my eyebrows so they are presentable. You know how they say 'the brows frame the face'? It's very true.

So when I'm not in the mood to trim or wax or tweeze my brows (or like these past 8 months growing back my hair), these are the steps I follow to make sure they are in place and presentable:
  • Step 1: You need to get a spoolie or old, washed mascara wand to brush through your brows and lay it in your desired position. 
  • Step 2: Using a brow powder or matte brown eyeshadow that matches your hair colour & suits your skin, fill in your brows with an angled brush.
  • Step 3: Define edges of brows with concealer or the same foundation using a synthetic brush. This is essential as it cleans out the brows and even renders hairs outside the edges unseen.
  • Step 4: Finish off the brows with a clear mascara or brow gel
..and you are good to go.

Thou shall not walk around town with untamed brows no more, lol.

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