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4 May 2018 Lagos, Nigeria

I don't swim and although I've worn swimsuits. I've never worn just a swimsuit before.
The first time I wore one was during youth service. Dayum, I was super curvy, my skin was taut, I was fit and my hairy arms & legs weren't so obvious due to the Bauchi weather than feathered them and made them almost invisible. However, I still wore shorts over my swimsuit when we splashed in the Yankari warm spring.

Fast forward to 2014 when I was working at MTN Nigeria and travelled to Ilorin for the Project Fame auditions. Our hotel had a pool and I was dragged into it, alas, I had something to cover myself with so didn't feel too bad *grin*

I’m not even going to deny it, my body makes me nervous. While a lot of ladies out there have no curves, I’ve been blessed with bum and hips which makes me never wear fitted outfits. Thank GOD for my love of vintage.
However, there are times I have to keep all that aside and do something different. Like when I did the underwater shoot. Although my swimsuit was a gift which I’d had for 4 years and never used, looking through Zaful made me realize that there are now more considerate brands that cater to the needs of women like me. They have modest swimsuits which looks exactly like the one I own – with a little skirt and a full breast cup.

I really like this one though as it is a tad more stylish than the one I currently own and it is monochrome – I love monochrome. I’m not even sure I’ll ever be courageous enough to wear any of these here but if you are interested there’s more where all of them came from.

I’m working on my fitness and struggling with food at the moment so it might be difficult for me just now but I’m looking forward to being a bit more adventurous, trying to learn how to swim like I promised I would after the underwater shoot and maybe giving it a go and trying this itsy bitsy swim skirt here.
For me, style is all about Comfort like I always say. I need to first be comfortable and the feeling of looking good will follow. For some it is the other way round and I must say I envy them.

Writing these body posts have been a revelation even to me and has made me more open about my body and encouraged me to accept it more.

You can go ahead to shop now some of my favourite pieces (some I’d wear now, some I’ll keep fantasizing about). 
So how do you feel about your body in a swimsuit? Are you like me or do you just go right ahead and flaunt it regardless of whatever? I'd really love to know.

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