#MyStyle | A Short Dress Story

11 May 2018 Lagos, Nigeria

Dresses and I don't get along. 
I don't know why and don't ask me but we just don't so, there it is out in the open for the whole wide world to know. You must be wondering why so here is the reason(s)
  • They hug my curves and I really don’t like people staring at me
  • I like to sit with my knees crossed and the kind of dresses I like are mostly a bit flared and usually a little below the knee. When I cross my knees, they ride up.
Oh, before I go on do check out this lovely dress on Rosegal(what can I say? I like flowery dresses. I’m a girly girl afterall, lol)
  • I love flowery ball room type dresses, but they sometimes make me look like a kid. View more flowery or pastel coloured dresses.
  • I LOVE vintage but apparently, the women of that time weren’t as full bodied and curvy as I am so I have a hard time getting the style I like in my size *loud sob*
So you see, dresses and I just don’t go together.
Once in a while we do though, like when The Nail Studio was doing a sale and I did a shoot with some of the clothes. Ohhhh, they were lovely. I loved every bit of the shoot and the dresses were gorgeous.

For some reason, I especially liked this monochrome black and white dress even though there was a wrap dress in the collection that every one said was the best fit. This dress just had a certain flare to it that none of the others had.
Then the other time (the first time actually) I did a fashion shoot and got a friend to take pictures of me. That was a short shift dress, the only thing is – it wasn’t a shift dress on me. I’d never normally wear anything above the knee but this was a shoot joo.
Let’s move on to my favourite dress moment so far – a lovely, turquoise blue vintage dress moment that gives me memories I still cherish.
I know I’ve had a couple other dress moments that I liked but as per usual, I either don’t have pictures of them because I was too shy to ask someone to take a picture for me or I just didn’t care enough to have it documented.

So there, that’s my little dress story. Do share a bit of yours in the comments too. I’d love to know if unlike me, you are a dress person.

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