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14 Jun 2017 Lagos, Nigeria

2 weeks ago, I went to my first official beauty event in 2017. A shame right? I've been a very bad beauty blogger I tell you. I've been able to rustle up another post before the euphoria is over and it's about my haul from The Mosé Store launch party.

I got 3 items in the bag - a nail polish, glitter and a powder blush. Apart from mineral products (remember how they were all the rage a couple of years back?), I've never seen powder blush again so it leads me to wonder if the brand is for 'sensitive skin', shrug.

The nail polish is from a foreign brand called Serenity and the colour I got is called 'Spotlight On Me' which is rather apt seeing as its a bright yellow colour. I gave out my last yellow nail polish which was one of the L.A. Girl Disco Brites. I recently started suffering withdrawal symptoms from this so was really glad to get another yellow polish to replace it. I haven't it so hope it's really pigmented. I love the peek-hole by the side which let's you see the colour without opening the package *cute*

Ah glitter. We don't have a love/hate relationship, we don't have a relationship at all. But it seems the universe constantly conspires against me in its favour so this time around, I'm looking it in the eyes and taking the bull by the horns. So be prepared to see me try a look with glitter *wink*
The powder blush from Kilienma cosmetics. I'm still a bit wary though cos like I said, powder makeup colours are usually from mineral makeup brands. This is made in Nigeria so I'm somewhat curious to know if this option is cheaper or is best for the skin or something; mainly what inspired this option. The shade I got is called Inang (leads me to wonder if the owner comes from either Akwa Ibom or Cross Rivers) but is quite close to my skin colour so might not show up so much when I use it. Anyway, let's wait and see.

That's my little goodie bag haul from the Mosé Store launch. Pls let me know if you've tried any of these brands and what I should look out for when I decided to take them for a spin.

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