Oldies but Goodies | 7 Current Favourite Lip Products

19 Jun 2017 Lagos, Nigeria

I'm notorious for forgetting I own a particular thing(s). On several occasions I've gone "OMG, I actually have this?" when re-arranging my wardrobe or makeup collection or shoes or books or even files on my computer.

It's no surprise that after several years (some months), I've only recently realised that over and over again there are a particular set of lip products I gravitate around and use over and over and over and over...... again. I've owned them for at least 8 months and some more than 2 years, hence my referring to them as oldies.
Ahhh, the Clinique Cherry lip pop. A vibrant, glossy red. It's a yellow toned red so has that warmth showing through it. It's very comfortable to wear. If for any reason at all you don't like the shine you can blot and reapply several times for a vibrant, moisturisng stain on the lips which lasts all day (as long as you don't eat or drink too much)
I feel like a sweet barbie doll everytime I use this gloss. It's so dainty without being pink. It's a nude gloss which applies really well on the lips. I usually prefer to wear it alone instead of over another product just so I feel great. More often than not, I pair this with a nude makeup look.
How did I fall in love with Violetta? ZAron sent me the new lip stains in a PR package and the red in the package wasn't quite a bright one so at first I wasn't inspired to try it. Then I swiped Violetta - it was love at first swipe. Now, every time I want to wear a stain, I go for Violetta. It's such a right, attractive colour. I only need to apply 2 coats in the morning and I'm good all day. The best part is I can smack my lips in peace when I wear this.
Miss Rose lipsticks are a great example of 'cheap and cheerful'. At N500 each, they do pack a lot of bang for your buck. Even though I got all 6 shades of it but can't stay away from the nude. I can't wear it alone...ever, but it pairs gorgeously with every other lip colour you can think of. It appears pink on my lips but is more of a neutral nude shade.
Blot Cosmetics Burnt is a peachy nude that scared the crap out of me when I first got it. I don't why exactly, but it did. At first I didn't know what to do with it as it makes me look deathly pale, but with a light or dark brown lip liner, it's the bomb. It's mate, very matte, so you have to work quickly with it so you don't get stuck with a glob of it that simply doesn't move anywhere.
I'll confess! This NYX lipgloss is the oldest of my 7 favourite lippies. I'm sure I've had it for about 4 or 5 years now and it still smells the same way it did when I first got it. Sue me, kill me, and yes I know about makeup having expiry date. It's an orange but not very pigmented glossy gloss that I pair with anything and everything. I rarely wear it alone cos I just don't think it's flattering enough but on any other product, it's beautiful. I think I love it because it pairs well.
This is the most complicated and challenging of all 7 and some of you may wonder why it's on my list then but *shrug*, it's on the list. I must have said it before but Marrakech is confusing. It's comes out a peachy nude and then right before your eyes changes to pink. I've gotten used to it now and it can be a bit patchy, but I still reach for it frequently and pair it with a brown lip liner or even a dark pink or wine lip colour like Violetta.

This list can change at any given time but at the moment, when I want to use lip colour, these are the products I reach for. There's no saying a companion shade might not be crap, lol. But for now, these are my favs.

Have you tried any of these? What did you think?

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