Photography | Portrait of my Sister

12 Jun 2017 Lagos, Nigeria

My sister cut her hair before I did 2 months ago for reasons best known to her. Unlike me however, she is yet to embrace the freedom that comes with it and is on the journey to reversing the effects of the clipper by growing her hair back. Did I mention she doesn't carry her hair in it's natural kinky, coily state? She literally can't wait to get a relaxer on it again.

I'd been wanting to do her makeup and take a picture of her ever since my photography & editing skills improved. This was in a way my way of saying that she looked great but she disliked the pictures all the same and doesn't even know I'm posting this one.

I like it though. There's a calmness in her eyes and no agitation which shows that she was looking forward to a positive outcome. So here's a portrait of my sister. I hope you like it as much I do.

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