Inspire | Pandora's Unique Connection Campaign

6 May 2015

From way back till now the bond between a Mother and her Child has never been in doubt. A visual of a Mother and Child is one of the most art topics ever and can be seen in every culture.

Once in a while, a corporate brand creates a campaign around this bond emphasizing the  strength of it or simply reinforcing the role of a mother in the life of a child. Dove have done it, P&G have done it and now Pandora is doing it.

Leveraging off Mother's Day, they have created a campaign called the Unique Connection. This campaign literally  turns the bond between a Mother and her child from an invisible one to a visible one and tugs at it as if testing to see how strong it actually is.

Before I ruin it all by trying too hard to explain, I'll let you be inspired today just watching the campaign video below
Here's wishing you loads of beautiful inspiration to lift your spirits today.

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