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5 May 2015

Sometimes, just sometimes, great work comes out of a random thought process or feeling or even something you see (bet we all already knew that right?). Well, all I'm trying to say is that the pictures in this fashion story were not planned or thought out at all.

It was a random makeup wearing day for me. I knew I wanted to have pictures taken but didn't know what, where or how. The plan? Take a walk down the road and look for a nice fence that would work great as a background and facial expressions would form the story. A trip down the road, so many stiff and unfriendly faces and we had to make a quick decision - get a completely new idea.

A keke marwa (tricyle) and a couple of naira notes later, we were in front of the office all set up for this story. Oh, lest I forget, the story itself only formed after we started shooting, lol. I did have a Joel Lani large clutch with me and it was only natural for it to be featured in this story (its now reclining in my wardrobe though, resting after all the hard work I made it do)
The story was a rather natural progression and most of the shots were totally unplanned. I guess that adds to the appeal too.

I'm really beginning to love this approach to fashion blogging ie. weaving stories into fashion posts, product features, reviews and the like. What do you think though? Barbara, the fashion blogger seems to be having the time of her life *grin*

Photography - Orighomisan
Top - Elsie Vintage
Denim pants - can't remember
Clutch bag - Joel Lani
Choker - online store
Oxfords - 
Earrings - Vintage earrings
Scarf - thrifted from Yaba
Vintage clip-on earrings - 1st LPM outing

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