#thenailstudiofiles | CND Vinylux Manicure in Sage Scarf (+ Indigo Frock)

4 May 2015

First off, the pictures don't do justice to the actual muted green colour of this nail polish. Second, do you know anyone who had acrylic nails on for 3 weeks and didn't get them refilled? I do, now you do and yes that person is me.
Hey, it's fake, I shouldn't need to take that much care of it na.

As I was saying, I left the acylic nails on for 3 weeks and they were almost falling off. When I got to The Nail Studio, if they could beat me they would have, lol. It took the nail technician a solid hour to put them back in good shape. He did a lot of cutting with a scissors and a lot of filing too. Then the powder came on and all was good as new. They are now at a longer length than I'd have liked but hey, I can't complain right? I'm having a fling with them.
I was at a loss. I kind of liked them both in the bottle and decided to do an accent nail kind of thing with them.
Sage Scarf is actually a muted vintagey green kind of shade. It's in your face without being distracting or too bright. Indigo Frock on the other hand is actually a dark blue shade. After my stint with Plum Paisely, I figured I'd love this and decided to use it as the main shade.
These are pictures of what my nails were supposed to look like. I had actually been having doubts when Indigo Frock was being applied but I wasn't sure so decided to say nothing. And then he applied Sage Scarf, are you kidding me? In an instant I asked if he could clean off Indigo Frock and only use Sage Scarf. Accent nail be gone! I only wanted the utterly beautiful Sage on my nails.
Now you get right? Isn't this beautiful? I got the rings at The Nail Studio so don't be alarmed, I ain't engaged just yet. They were really pretty against the polish and made for a gorgeous picture.

I've gotten compliments from several of the girls at work and some are even contemplating going over to The Nail Studio to get their nails done too.
Go over, tell them you saw my nails, look out for Sage Scarf, get a chocolate donut from the juice bar and have a lovely time.

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