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7 May 2015

You know that random Sunday when you feel so fly 'cos you managed to do what I call a super flicked wing. I call it that 'cos it has the ability to change your eye shape entirely. On this Sunday, I created one that gave me an Asian eye shape. I do remember that when I was younger I always wished I had slanted eyes. Funny how, I have 'normal' eyes now but have the ability to create any eye shape I want with makeup *grin*. Isn't that cool?

So this Sunday, right before I wore my Jacket, I was feeling super fly and decided to take the camera for a spin just a bit.
To create my 'super flicked wing' I used the Real Techniques liner brush and the Hegai & Esther Asta gel liner in Onyx. That is for sure my current go-to black gel liner and the Real Techniques liner has proved to be the perfect partner for it.

What do you use to create a super flicked wing?

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