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8 May 2015

It isn't every time one gets invited to a gathering of the most brilliant female minds in technology, PR, Social Media, Creativity, Journalism and entertainment together so when I got an invite from She Leads Africa & Facebook (y'all know Facebook right?) to this one, my heart leaped for joy for real.

At first, I wanted to ask all the blogger friends I have if they were going(as there is nothing scarier than a room full of people you don't know. Networking, I know, but scary all the same), but after asking 2 people and hearing them ask me "what is that?", I kept my mouth shut, prepared for the day and resolved to meet new people even if it killed me.

The first person I met at the door was Tosyn Bucknor. We all had to take pictures at the door and when she gave her phone to the photographer to help her take a picture, I said to myself "so that's how to get a picture of yourself at an event?" and resolved to always do it. Well, that's how I got this picture so I guess it works.
i took selfies! So proud of mi'self for it.
Tosyn & I, trying to pull silly faces. Was gracously pleased to meet Taffi of Thandos (she thanked me for my Thandos post/review and of course, a selfie with Ifeoma Williams
So enough of me, now to the event. She Leads Africa graciously sent over pictures from the event and I kind of re-arranged them in my own way especially since I couldn't take proper pictures at the event cos there was too much going on and too many people to meet *grin*
I had heard so much about LSF|PR so it was a pleasure to finally meet Bidemi at the same table.
Adibeli is just so full of energy, it was a pleasure to meet her on that day. Louisa, I'd met via email before so it was great to finally meet her in person.
Afua is one of the founders of She Leads Africa and she was the one we'd been corresponding with regarding the event. It was great to meet her in person too. Liz, we were both on the same panel at Social Media Week 2015, so are definitely no strangers. Did you see some of my pictures on the Genevieve Instagam page? We were at the same table too and Liz was wielding a selfie stick no one could escape from, lol.
Tosyn is the life of the parry and it was great to meet her and get to know her a bit as we hung out together for a couple of minutes before everyone arrived. Ebele is the Facebook powerhouse is Africa. That's the best way I can describe her.
Shade & I went to school together and we've been following each other's exploits on social media.
I've heard so much about Yagazie, didn't have a chat with her, but felt great to be invited to the same event as her. Met Eku at previous events but was pleased to be meeting Nkiru for the first time and Ebi too.
I love the SLA hashtags and was fortunate enough to get the very last #motherlandmogul badge 
rarely drink champagne especially when I'm driving but I decided to indulge on that day.

There's me with my all back didi hairstyle, repping all natural, traditional women. With my #WCW anyday - Ifeoma Williams (she was soooo glad to finally meet me in person. I think I was triply pleased to be recognised by her and blushed furiously all the way, lol). Sat at the same table with her and Yummie Ogbebor (a stylist I can't wait to work with in the future) and we couldn't hide from Liz's selfie stick, lol.
It was a lovely, lovely evening, I had a lot of fun, was gifted another pair of Thandos (I picked the Class Act ones which are a lovely patent peep-toe. Definitely classy so the name suits it well). Thanks to She Leads Africa for the invite, and it was a pleasure meeting the Facebook Africa team. Oh, did I mention that Facebook is hiring?

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