#thenailstudiofiles | A Short Recap

23 Mar 2015

Hey guys, our #thenailstudiofiles post for today is a recap of our journey so far.
Sooooooo sorry it's coming soooooooo late, hugs & kisses
fittings for The Nail Studio fashion shoot. And that's my tummy showing within the black band *grin*
ah, the dress. Yes o, this dress. Thankfully, ti was sold before the shoot. I think I was actually relieved when I heard it had been sold, lol
second time trying out a pearl and midi ring and this time...I was completely sold. My fingers looked super slender and so pretty. I almost didn't believe these hands were mine
our first video shoot. I was doing it all by myself but it was a lot of fun. The learning process has also been awesome and I certainly have learnt a lot
just a couple of my favourite things at The  Nail Studio - perfumes, CND nail polish and a must-have at a perfume store - coffee beans.
the perfume stand at The Nail Studio.
p.s. I've recently been loving La vie est Belle. Considering Si seems to be everyone's favourite, I'm feeling a bit odd but it smells so good and makes me feel super sexy....let's wait for the review people, lol.

Hey guys, what part of my journey with The Nail Studio have you enjoyed so far? Perhaps, we could have more of those moments. What do you think?

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