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20 Mar 2015

Social Media Week Lagos 2015 has come and gone and right along with it all the hype, buzz and pizzazz. But in the midst of it all, I came out with something, a little something, a lot something, but something all the same.

At first, it felt surreal that I would actually be speaking on one of the panels. I didn't quite believe it and so got the regular pass. Only later was I told that I was to have collected a VIP pass (once again, my apologies to everyone who wanted to use my pass for VIP event entry. I shall be sharper next year, lol.
I got to the venue really early and so had the chance to snoop on another session. The Governance & Elections session. It really wasn't my thing so instead, I went to look for where the Beyond Beauty Blogging session would hold.
I met these absolutely gorgeous ladies on the way back to the Governance session as there was no one at the stipulated venue. Due mainly to the fact that it wasn't yet time I'm sure. 
I later discovered that they are the duo behind StyledbyAfrica - Kiran & Alae. 
We were supposed to hang out at one of the Ciroc parties but unfortunately my boring life beckoned and I had to answer.
Lest I forget, Kiran & Alae are based in the UK but were sponsored by Arik to come and cover SMW. Seriously, how cool is that? 
*now looking forward to being sponsored by a brand to travel abroad* LOL
Ah yes, there were quite a number of people who came to support me at the SMW Beyond Beauty Blogging sessions and it was the best thing ever. There was Bolu of June Dawn Events, Nejeeb of Barbaric.com, Irene Syrimis of The Nail Studio (who came bearing goodies), Jenika Mukoro, Sewedo Nupowaku and a couple of others. 

Here's many hugs and kisses to them for all the love and support they showed. A couple of people couldn't make it but they called and messaged. It actually felt like I would disappoint or let them down if I let my nerves take over and ruin the day.

It was an intense session. My first time speaking in public about blogging and how social media & digital marketing now runs my life and totally consumes me. It was exciting, exhilarating and energy consuming but I LOVED IT.
Liz Awoliyi & I
Jennifer Obiuwevbi & Teni Adejuwon
Ifeyinwa Ojekwe of loveifeyinwa.com & Ezinne Alfa
Teni Adejuwon & Ezinne Alfa
If you weren't at the session, you missed. That's all I can say about it.
I had 3 goodie bags to give out - 2 courtesy of The Nail Studio & 1 from Afroriri Haircare.
No one knew the title of my Monday posts for The Nail Studio so no one got The Nail Studio bags.
Contents of the Nail Studio goodie bag
Ellena won the Afroriri Goodie bag. Can you believe she came for the session all the way from UNILAG?
I had headache the rest of the day due to all the talking I had to do and there were loads of questions too. I realised that there were a lot of people who wanted to start their own blogs especially in the beauty industry but have no idea the first step to take and when they start, how to get their blogs seen. There were loads of questions I was glad to answer.

It was also my pleasure to announce my Beauty Blogging 101 workshops starting in April. I'm so excited *dancing*. 
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