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24 Mar 2015

Lines, solid colours and a simple design have always attracted me from the moment I decided it was time to have my own style. The fact that I work in Advertising & branding didn't help much as it re-enforced my belief that simple is best. Don't believe me? Think about the ever classic The Economist ad.

Then I discovered Plan:D.
Like a breathe of fresh air, I was drawn to the simple designs, clean lines and geometry. Gosh, I love geometry. Seeing as I was actually quite horrible at arithmetic in school, it's a wonder my new found love for it. While gushing over the bags, I was invited to select 3 of my favs and create outfits with them.

  1. Just because I'm on a colour binge and have only recently discovered the benefits of having a huge clutch, lol. I selected the Purple Crystals Clutch
  2. large red transparent contour handbag (just because I look breathtakingly gorgeous in a red lippie and wondering if red accessories will flatter me as much, lol) and 
  3. large nude contour handbag (simple because I can't stay away from neutrals and nudes)

A Lesson in Purple Crystal
This clutch gives off an air of casual sophistication so I have paired it with 
  • a bit of soft chic with a vintage style, soft, chiffon shirt dress which is very feminine and hugs the body in all the right places. The rather short length means you have to wear something underneath and that's where the boyish ruggedness comes in. 
  • underneath the shirt dress welcome the boyfriend jeans. I actually have a pair with a length that is way more than I need so I've found several gorgeous ways of wearing it folded. Wearing ti folded means I can showoff my footwear.
  • Leather Oxford booties with a bit of a heel will help to add a bit more vintage appeal to this outfit making it more my style as I usually go for more vintage than modern.
  • Accessories? Delicate bangles, rose pink manicure, dusty rose lips and just a sweep of mascara complete the look.
In case you were wondering, this look can be worn to a variety of places - work (if your office is a creative environment), brunch, lunch date, lunch meeting, day time events. And the Purple Crystals Clutch is great for stowing away all your tech stuff eg. power bank, phones, cables and the rest of them while not giving anything away.

Monochrome White Contour
This handbag actually has a casual vibe but I'd like it to a bit more classy so I'm pairing with a black and white monochrome palette. Black & white is the epitome of sophistication and chic so makes a perfect contrast.
  • a sleeveless polka dot dress with a ruched bodice which can be worn literally anywhere as it can be dressed up or down. A vintage vibe which is needed in almost all my outfits is represented by this dress too.
  • definitely Oxfords and this monochrome pair are the perfect companions
  • retro round sunnies and a sunhat are the perfect vintage accessories to go with this outfit.
  • and we leave the rest to red - mani, lips and a heavy coat of black mascara (we need to have our false lash effect out you know)
The large red transparent contour handbag tones down this outfit but provides the right amount of modern flair to it without ruining the whole effect. It does seem like this outfit is a cross between a summer time outfit which can be worn for a casual day out and an outfit to the beach especially with the sunnies and hat. Truth be told, I do see myself lounging beside a pool with this gorgeous bag carrying my swim essentials like a wrap, book, tablet and towel. Might I add that this same bag can also be a good companion to a press event? I am a blogger afterall.

Maybe the beach
I've not a care in the world and need to stretch my legs, feel the sun on my face and just relax and do nothing.
  • a bikini and colourful wrap. Do remember that the bikini has to be flattering to your shape. I've selected one that complements my full bodied figure. 
  • accessories all round, lol. Frends headphones are the perfect poolside companions as they double as jewelry. A day by the water calls for moisturised lips, hence lip balm applied on a lip stained pout is a top essential. Sunnies of course, slippers and if you want any more colour, a pastel mani is attainable.
A day lounging by the water, a day absolutely doing nothing, and with the wrap on, you could stop by the store on your way home. The large nude contour hand is perfect cos it can be paired with just about any colour.

The Plan:D handbags are made with fine, versatile and durable man-made materials and you all know how much I love multi-purpose items right? These can be used during the day and at night and I've still got favourites which I'm looking forward to styling really, really soon.

Would you style these gorgeous handbags any other way?

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