Celebrating Underscore, that bloody copywriter

18 Aug 2014

I started typing this the day after I heard. I was lying down to sleep and didn't even know when I opened the blogger app on my phone and began to type. The next day in broad daylight I held back from completing this post. I now believe however, that it will be a great disservice to his memory not to speak about him here on my blog. He loved it here. Never understood why I spent so much of my time on it and even one day teased me about being invited to a TED Talk to speak about makeup, lol (it coming true will be the greatest tribute to him I can ever give)
if Debola could've stuffed his bag with croissants, he would have.
Wondering about the title? Well, that's what he called himself - a bloody copywriter. Every time I said he was an Associate Creative Director. He'd reply, "that's just a title. I'm just a bloody copywriter". It made me laugh every time.

The first time we met face to face, he said "Oh, that Barbara". My eyes opened very wide and I asked what he meant. Bolaji Alausa said it referred to my shenanigans on the Naija Ads facebook page (I don't believe it till today though). Apparently, we had said hi over a video chat one night but I thought nothing about it and didn't even remember until I was reminded.
He loved a good discourse that one. I'd spend a good couple of hours in his office arguing, agreeing, teasing and just generally being 2 people who loved to talk to each other. When people at work started raising their brows at it, we just said they'd never understand and took it to gmail chat. Jeez, countless times I was afraid someone would be standing behind me when his chat would pop up because he always started with the nickname he gave me.

A lot of people will probably be wondering how we became so close (believe me I have asked myself too), but let's just say we are.

I remember the night he saw me staying back at the office and wondering what I was up to came round the workstation and saw me engrossed in TED. I was so upset at his insinuation that he hadn't believed that I was smart enough to watch TED (aaarggghh! I could kill him) and his nickname for me always made me want to shake him violently. One of our very serious conversations was about my sometimes schizophrenic nature, lol. He was supposed to help me with it, lol. Now I have to work at it all by myself.

Believe me when I say I almost NEVER cry but at every single thought of him tears spring to my eyes. I'm stopping here, I really can't go on. Perhaps I will fill this post up when next I can look at his picture without my eyes misting over. One thing though, we never took a picture together because he thought I was too vain and now I never will. That's one thing I won't forgive him for though.

One thing I have learnt from this - live every day as if it were your last and spend time with anyone who means even a tiny bit to you as if it is your last time together. I'm coming for you all with my camera in hand (you all know yourselves right, lol. I'm going to make sure I have pictures with all those dear to me henceforth. Even if I have to pinch them to do it).

If you knew him, then by all means join us to celebrate him here Celebrating Underscore

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