My Hair: Does Natural Hair need a trim?

18 Aug 2014

A couple of months ago I posted this image and caption on Instagram/Facebook and got asked a lot of questions about why I would trim my hair, does it need trimming etc.
Trimmed & moisturised. I always end up with a damp hairstyle on the first day. Hopefully, I'll get a proper braidout from this tomorrow. 
There was a lot of shock around the subject of trimming natural hair, I posted a second picture (and caption of course) showing a before and after
The difference between natural hair that is trimmed and nappyhair that isn't. I was really surprised between yesterday and today by the number of people who asked me in natural hair ever gets split ends. Yes it does and please get it done by a professional. The choice of cutting & trimming my hair myself is a personal one.
For some reason, I never got round to posting pictures of the second look I did using the Sleek makeup iDivine palette which has the most amazeballs matte shadows. I was too caught up in the split ends my hair had I guess.

Don't worry, we are still on the subject of hair, lol. Below are individual images of the before and after trimming my hair. The before pictures look like the hair is limp while the after has the hair full of life.
If you have natural hair, do get it trimmed regularly, preferably by a professional too.

On the subject of taking care of my hair myself, it's about time I told you all about my visit to Kemi Lewis' salon - KL's Natural Beauty Bar.

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