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20 Aug 2014

Finally, my review of a natural hair salon at last. I am not promising that this will be regular cos I do like doing my hair myself, besides I really can be a cheapskate sometimes (a lot of the time more like right? lol)
Nwayz, here it is - KL's Natural Beauty Bar owned by Kemi Lewis. I met her at SMW2014, well not met exactly cos we didn't say a word to each other. Discovered her on Instagram again and her name stuck.
yup, that's me getting my hair done *grin*
The Apples & Oranges event (I referred to here) was my first time getting my natural hair done by someone else. As you all know, I have been pretty much in auto-travel mode and didn't get to do anything to/for my hair. I also didn't have time to do it myself so I ventured to try somewhere and get someone else to fix up my hair for the second time.

I have been hearing horror stories about salons pretending to know about natural hair and was very careful about my choice. Kemi Lewis was a natural choice because her salon is located in my estate.

Fast forward to the day we had agreed on. I ran out of the office by 5pm (which is very unlike me) and it took me almost an hour to get to the estate cos of rush hour traffic. I was so grateful Kemi waited for me cos my hair really needed some extra care. I got there eventually and was pleasantly surprised to see that I hadn't been the only customer to keep the salon open at that time. I whipped off my scarf and the usual comment of "oh your hair is so full" was received, lol. I must say that for the almost 30 minutes it took to get my hair squeaky clean, I didn't feel a thing. I must confess that I didn't concentrate much on the products she used and what they were though. I definitely saw African Naturalistas products though *yaaay Atilola*. Kemi used the African Naturalistas twist and curl pudding for my to the end of this post to see how lovely the twistout was.
Check the first picture of 3 in this post and you will see how I looked immediately after getting my hair washed - wrapped with a T-shirt and dripping (that's what I hate most about natural hair; the fact that you can't towel dry it *urgh*)

Kemi sectioned my hair into 4, detangled and combed one after the other. AND I DIDN'T FEEL A THING! Which was great cos after work, the last thing I needed was someone pulling on my hair. Both the wash and detangling were soothing. After a short discussion on how to style the hair, we finally agreed on twists. I was tired of having my hair every which way and convinced her to do an updo with the twists when she was done.
a view of the so many natural hair products she has in stock.
Here are a couple of pictures rocking the twists from Kemi Lewis
when I loosened the updo
Olorisupergal and I perfecting our pout
a little vintage flirt with the Sleek Studio Flash a Pout polishes in Naivety. Couldn't take more pictures as I rushed off to church
loosened the twists after 2 weeks and voila! a gorgeous twistout which I used to create some gorgeous updos
I saw a lady with just finished straw curls at Kemi's salon and decided that the next time I visit, I will be getting straw curls done too. We'll need a couple of hours for my hair to dry though, lol.

I am definitely recommending KL's Natural Beauty Bar for everyone with curly, kinky natural hair (I saw a guy there so guys with long hair are welcome too). Most people say we Naturals have healthier hair than those with chemically treated hair, so if you are interested in making sure your straight hair is super healthy, you are also welcome.

Address: 29c, Ikorodu Crescent, Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos.

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