My Do's and Don'ts for Vintage Shopping

When I get married, I want EVERYTHING to look like it was borrowed from the set of a 1960s movie. 

Has it ever occured to you that even in the 21st century we still wear 20s, 30s, 40s, 60s, 80s inspired clothing, buy the furniture from that era and even now try to re-enact makeup and hair styles from then?

My Hair | Week Long #NaturalHair Afro

Hey guys,
It's official #FroFriday in Curly Haired Girl parlance.
This week, I have been wearing my hair in a fro and I have totally loved every single day of it as it gave me an opportunity to be different. 
Did I mention that I resumed work on Monday and so have been wearing the fro to work (don't you just love working in an Ad Agency)?

I shared all the pics on Instagram, not all of them are hawt so pls no sneers, lol. Some are quite nice actually. I also determined that I would make an effort to start wearing makeup to work always and so far it has turned out right. I will share some of the products I have been wearing on my face and what I used for LOCing my hair too. It has been well moisturised all through this week despite been very well exposed to the elements and drying airconditioning in the office.
First day of the week monday.
Face - Fashion Fair True Finish Refining foundation in Loving Mocha (can't wear the Khuraira foundation again cos I've gone darker). BM|Pro 600 single e/s as blush, Studio makeup bronzing powder to highlight & MAC Shadester to contour.
Eyes - Revlon Colorstay quad I got from Konga ages ago (I reviewed it here). Packed it on this time around and the colours showed up just the way I like it. Color Tatoo kajal & Khuraira mascara for my lashes
Lips - my usual, lol - light brown liner, MUD Rose Clay in the middle, topped with the Zaron lipgloss in Read My Lips.

Week 1 | Khuraira Invisible Powder

The concept of Finishing powder is a pretty novel one to quite  a number of people. I say that because I and a number of other makeup artists I know have been asked a number of times "What is Finishing Powder?"

Without much ado, Finishing powder is meant for exactly what the name implies - finishes your entire makeup (you can skip applying it on your lips though, lol). It helps to set the entire face makeup thereby absorbing all the excess moisture which the skin might have secreted in the process of makeup application. They do say to stay from Finishing powder if you have dry skin though.

Touted by Oprah Winfrey as a 'Touch up Powder of Choice', the Khuraira Invisible Powder is a best selling Finishing powder.

Week 1 | Khuraira Dermal Revitalising Age-Control Foundation

First of all, i'd like to say that this product changed everything I thought I knew about liquid foundations and I am glad it did. This is a moisturising liquid foundation (not sure what that means? Look closely and I will show you).

Finally The Series, but first The New Khuraira Cosmetics Beauty Campaign

There is absolutely no way I can start the Khuraira cosmetics series without showing off their recent campaign with Bayo Haastrup (who is literally the godfather of makeup in Nigeria).

I remember when I first met Bayo. It was my first Advertising job and we had hired him for an Ad campaign on the Client's request, he said I wasn't a serious person because I wasn't working as a makeup artist even though I obviously loved makeup and knew quite a lot about it.

Well, that is a story for another day. Today, I would like to show-off the recent beauty campaign for Khuraira cosmetics which Bayo did while he was in New York for Fashion Week.

*Spoiler Alert*
I absolutely love the skin work of the Khuraira products and I am really looking forward to having them all in my kit. Check out their standard ad on the left, believe me when I say that their skin products are to be coveted indeed.

On to our campaign which I will leave you all to relish.....