Week 1 | Khuraira Dual Camouflage no 3

5 Mar 2014

In recent times, just like my beautyblenders, I discovered treasures in my kit which had otherwise been buried *covers face*. This Khuraira Dual Concealer is one of them. 
After having this product in my kit for a while now, I only recently started using it as my go-to concealer for my gigs with Spice TV and I love it.
together, both shades are universal enough to suit a variety of skin shades - for both spot concealing and undereye concealing (which is what I use it for mostly).
For the most part, I love this product because it is 
  • creamy
  • easy to use
  • gives a natural finish to the skin and best of all
  • is all I need for spot concealing, creating those really sharp defined brows and undereye concealing.
I will recommend this product for both personal and professional use.  

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