Finally The Series, but first The New Khuraira Cosmetics Beauty Campaign

3 Mar 2014

There is absolutely no way I can start the Khuraira cosmetics series without showing off their recent campaign with Bayo Haastrup (who is literally the godfather of makeup in Nigeria).

I remember when I first met Bayo. It was my first Advertising job and we had hired him for an Ad campaign on the Client's request, he said I wasn't a serious person because I wasn't working as a makeup artist even though I obviously loved makeup and knew quite a lot about it.

Well, that is a story for another day. Today, I would like to show-off the recent beauty campaign for Khuraira cosmetics which Bayo did while he was in New York for Fashion Week.

*Spoiler Alert*
I absolutely love the skin work of the Khuraira products and I am really looking forward to having them all in my kit. Check out their standard ad on the left, believe me when I say that their skin products are to be coveted indeed.

On to our campaign which I will leave you all to relish.....
Yes, I absoluuuutely love them all and I was as surprised as you most likely are too when I saw that they are waterproof (yet another reason to covet them I daresay)

And this marks the official start of the series which will feature loads of reviews and FOTDs. I hope I will be able to slot in a makeover or two during the period since I have a few jobs planned.

See you soon,


  1. oh how i love water proof products>>>
    i'll be waiting for your reviews and your Lovely FOTD:)
    The Beautiful Eagle's Blog

  2. I AM OBSESSED!!! WOW..... Id love to try their products out just for these ADs... Gorgeous

  3. wow! can i just say this is inspirational! makes me want to get the products wow! looking forward to your review


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