My Hair|Face of the Day: Matte Bantu Braidouts using Sleek iDivine Palette

26 Sept 2013

Hello lovelies,
So I tried to do 2 things at the same time in this post, I think it worked, I am not sure but I hope you think it worked out.

After watching several videos and reading several blogs, I finally decided to try a bantu twistout. The ends of my twists never stay put so I decided I might as well have a go at twisting them in and pinning them. I also wanted to try out my Sleek iDivine Supreme palette from the Shangri-La collection. This palette is made up of all matte shadows and I absolutely love that.

Don't want to be a spoiler but in the end the twist-outs really came out alright, I guess.

I really think I should just get a boat-load of scarves cos I usually end up using them for my hair one way or another (I have a scarf in my hair now, holding up a front mohawk braidout style *sigh*)
Off I went to work with it though and everyone loved it. It wasn't a perfect bantu braidout but heck, everything about natural hair is a style. No one can predict how it ends up.

Ah, on to the makeup.
The subdued matte shades and nude lip combo turned out to be a beautiful compliment to the rather gregarious curls I had on my head. It balanced my entire look perfectly. It had been a while since I had used complete matte shades, it totally felt like coming home to me, lol.
Zaron Creme-to-powder in CZ30
Zaron Compact powder in ZZ65
MAC shading powder in Shadester
Rimmel bronzer
Sleek luminous powder
BM Pro eyeshadow in 600

Zaron brow kit
Sleek i-Divine in Supreme
Sacred liquid liner pen

Sacred lipgloss in Nougat

Gifty's Daughter professional brushes
Hegai & Esther brushes
Who said a little doesn't go a long way?
That beautiful slightly smokey outer crease look was achieved using the dark colour in the Zaron brow kit. Didn't want it too dark by using black and didn't have the time to go searching for a brown matte shadow, lol.

I think it came out well. What do you think? Would you use brow powder on your eyes?


  1. I think the braidout came out quite nice. Your hair is so fluffy and full.

    LOve your eyebrows, they are so well groomed. 'Lord pls give me these type of eyebrows even in this my very old age...hehe'.
    Your make up rocks as always.

  2. Btw, i nominated you for best beauty blog. You totally deserve it. x

    1. Thanks so much dearie. Tried for it last year, fingers crossed I get nominated this year.

  3. Lovely hair and make up! That's how to rock natural hair! Nice blog

  4. Your hair looks so healthy! Lol!

  5. Hey Barby,

    Your hair looks great. & the make up is not so shabby, lol ;)

    Ta Ta,

    1. LOL, if I catch you eh.
      Thanks dear. How is Alex?


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