Face of the Day: Blue Asoebi

24 Sept 2013

Hello lovelies,
A while back I shared a picture of me going to a wedding dressed in the below asoebi material. That was the only picture I took at the wedding and so I decided to wear that outfit again and take better pictures.

Zaron Creme-to-powder in CZ30
Zaron Compact powder in ZZ65
MAC shading powder in Shadester
Rimmel bronzer
Studio makeup bronzing powder
New Eve Cosmetics pink blush

Zaron brow kit
Sleek i-Divine in Original
L'oreal white liner pencil

Davis brown pencil liner
MUD lipstick in Roseclay
Sacred lipgloss in Nougat

Gifty's Daughter professional brushes
Hegai & Esther brushes
I packed my hair in a curly topped bun, lol. At a loss on what to use to accessorise my hair, I cut a strip of the left-over fabric from the asoebi material, folded a bow and used a hair-pin to pin it in my hair. How cute does that look?


  1. Ive told you before, biko dash me eyebrows...small!

    1. Lol, I have agreed nah. As soon as we meet up again, abeg make we start to plan for the transplant o

  2. I wish I could have a form to ask questions tho asides here on the blog. I love your hair tho.

    Pls kindly be a visitor/reader to Razzle_dazzle: www.dazzfairy.blogspot.com(showcasing the talented fashion-inclined CEOs and more)

    1. Thanks a bunch Joy. You can send a mail to me@barbara1923.com

  3. Replies
    1. Lol. If I got a N100 note for every time someone mentioned my brows I wouldn't need to still be working now *grin*
      Thanks dear


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