Fall Beauty Favourites

28 Sept 2013

Autumn, even though it is one of the seasons we don’t experience in Nigeria, remains my favourite time of year. This is due to the dark and rustic nature of the prevailing colours of the season – from black and browns to grey, taupe, even red and mustard yellow. But the call of Autumn remains.

Colored sparkly eyes, flicked liner and a burgundy lip is my all time fall look.
I have my favorite products I use to achieve this look. Even though I only wield them on special occasions, I would love to share them with you:

1.    Strange as it may seem, I like to have a layer of MAC Fix+ on my face prior to applying my foundation right after my moisturizer. It gives me the feeling of having moisture locked into my skin and is great for that dewy, natural skin foundation look.

2.   So I love glistening, glowing, healthy skin – sue me.
The Smashbox BB cream provides a light layer of moisturizing and mineral suffused coverage while also protecting from the UV rays which are almost not felt during fall (remember when we say sunscreen should be worn all year round? We meant it)

3.   I have been known to use stick or crème-to-powder foundation in place of concealer under my eyes. For the light concealer texture we need for fall, this is your go-to product. Just warm a little of Mary Kay Concealer between the pads of your fingers and apply under your eyes and anywhere else in a tapping motion.

4.   In fall, I like to substitute blush for highlight on the cheeks. I love liquid highlighter and my favorite to use is Benefit High Beam.
      Using the ring finger, lightly dab a drop of High Beam on the upper cheeks right after foundation and concealer and watch it dissolve into the skin.

5.   For eyeshadows, the Bobbi Brown Chocolate and Laura Mercier Merlot are perfect eye companions for fall. Matte and packed with enough pigment to enable you use them on your face too as contour and blush respectively.
Pair either of them with the Bobbi Brown Chrome eyeshadow in Silver for a light, coloured sparkle on the eyes.

6.   Creamy, long lasting, water-proof and easy to apply, the Asta gel liners are perfect for fall. Using the enclosed applicator, create feline lines to accompany your sparkly lids.

7.    I love volume for my lashes and this transcends seasons.
       Maybelline Colossal Volume mascara is my absolute favourite for full and glamorous lashes.

8.  The first burgundy lipstick in my makeup arsenal was the Bobbi Brown Merlot lipstick. I must admit that I fell in love with the packaging before the lipstick but when I got to the lipstick, it was love at first use. It is creamy, smooth, provides full coverage when applied in layers and is moisturizing. Hey, it is Laura Mercier afterall. If you want to go dark for fall, without going too dark, this is the perfect lippie.

9.   Lastly, for that next to nothing powdered look, I like to use the CRC (Camera ready Cosmetics) Loose Powder. It is scent free and so smooth it literally feels like air when applied with a large powder brush.
Using a small fluffy brush dabbed in the powder, lightly apply powder to the forehead, nose and chin area of the face.

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