Product Review: MAC Fix+

Hello Lovelies,
I caved in after all the recommendations and reviews and got myself a bottle of MAC Fix+ from the MAC store in Lagos. 

Ex-MBGN, Sylvia Nduka's line of 100% Human Hair is FAKE!

 "Sylvia's Hair is a Fake"

This post should serve as a warning to all you human hair lovers. 
Between 2011 and 2013, I can't count the number of Human Hair brands that have come into Lagos state. Fortunately for me, I do not use weaves or else I am certain I would have been utterly confused.
Unfortunately for my sister, she uses weaves a lot and so fell prey to a fake human hair brand called Sylvia's Hair owned by Ex-MBGN (Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria) - Sylvia Nduka
I will let my sister tell the tale but first the video showing what the hair looks like before and after

That is my very dramatic voice, lol

Product Review: Fashion Fair Perfect Finish Souffle Makeup in 'Brown Blaze'

Hello lovelies,
I have known the Fashion Fair Souffle makeup since forever because that is what my mom uses (she is a die-hard Fashion Fair loyalist). When Mr. Fine came on board and the rebranding happened, I decided that I would give it a try. Unfortunately the one I got was not my exact shade but still, I will review it here


To all makeup artists and lovers in Nigeria, I have awesome news. 
Shadow Shields is now in Nigeria!!!
Below is the press release

Gifty's Daughter Beauty, one of Nigeria's biggest professional makeup retailers and also the Nigeria distributor for notable brands such as NYX, and Fashion Fair is highly regarded by professional makeup artists and makeup lovers in Nigeria as the go-to store for good quality, original makeup and beauty products.

In line with its commitment to servicing the beauty needs of the contemporary and discerning Nigerian woman,  Gifty's Daughter Beauty is proud to announce its clinching of the sole distributorship of Shadow Shields for the Nigerian market.

Product Review|Haul: Khuraira Spring Collection

Hello Lovelies,
A couple of weeks ago I shared this picture on Instagram of the Khuraira Spring collection I received. I haven't had a chance to actually use all of them but swatches and a couple face of the days have sufficed.

Going for an Interview? Just go simple

It is Interview day - Scared? Shaky legs? Slurred speech? Blank brain?
It happens to even the best of us when going for an interview so you are most definitely not an exception. I bet looking great helps though. Don't think that because you are going for an interview, nude makeup is a must. I say do it simple, with some colour, but do it smart.

Face of the Day: MAC Blue Flame & Natural Hair twists

Hello lovelies,
Whenever I feel down, bored or just generally restless, I usually turn to makeup more often.
This is what I did one Friday evening after work. I got back quite early, had a bath, was practically done with everything I had to do and needed to occupy myself. I whipped out the MAC Blue Flame eye shadow I bought from and decided to do a simple, everyday look with it.

Product Review: Sleek Makeup Face Contour Kit

Having heard so much about the Sleek Makeup Contour Kit I made sure to get it as soon as I could.
This chance finally came and I was able to get the contour kit in Dark. This is actually the darkest shade but suits my caramel skin perfectly.

Brush Review: Real Techniques Starter Set

Hello lovelies,
Last year I got to review the Real Techniques Core collection by Samatha Chapman brush set (read review here) and loved it (yes, I am not so crazy about a couple of brushes in the set, not because they aren't good quality,  but because I can't think of what to do with them).
This year, I saw the proliferation of makeup artists & lovers using Real Techniques brushes and was able to purchase the Starter Set of eye brushes right here in Nigeria.
The Real Techniques Starter Set

Tutorial | Purple with Wet n Wild's Petal Pusher

Hello lovelies, 
 I got the Wet n Wild palette in Petal Pusher from Gifty's Daughter a while ago but didn't get round to doing a look with it (rather publishing the look I did with it).

I still had my mohawk on and decided to pair the mohawk and a gorgeous green, grey and purple necklace with the wet n wild Petal Pusher palette and this is what I came up with.

1923 Photoshoot for Hues & Shades Modelling Agency with Kelechi Amadi Obi

Hello lovelies,
For ages and ages I wondered how I would ever get to work with Kelechi Amadi Obi, one of Nigeria's foremost photographers. Well, the moment came much sooner than I thought it would and I was not disappointed at all.
Kelechi helped me out with this picture, showing me how to position the camera and the subject to take the most advantage of natural light.