Brush Review: Real Techniques Starter Set

4 Jun 2013

Hello lovelies,
Last year I got to review the Real Techniques Core collection by Samatha Chapman brush set (read review here) and loved it (yes, I am not so crazy about a couple of brushes in the set, not because they aren't good quality,  but because I can't think of what to do with them).
This year, I saw the proliferation of makeup artists & lovers using Real Techniques brushes and was able to purchase the Starter Set of eye brushes right here in Nigeria.
The Real Techniques Starter Set
Unlike the Core Collection, the Starter Set has 5 purple handled brushes in it.
If you are familiar with Real Techniques, you will know that purple handles mean the brushes are to be used for eye makeup.
I know each brush has a specific original use (which is how I use them), I however use a couple of them for other stuff too eg.
  1. I use the Deluxe crease brush to blend out under eye concealer
  2. Apart from lining my upper lash line, I also use the pixel point eyeliner brush for my waterline
  3. I use the brow brush to apply colour to my lower lashline and line my upper lash line too
  4. I use the base shadow brush mainly for blending my crease colour.
I however noticed that the brushes are scratchy when used. I have washed them a couple of times already and still feel them scratch when I use them. Asides that, this is a really great and affordable eye brush set.

*This product was purchased by me and I have not being paid to write this review. All opinions expressed are mine.

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  1. Hey Barbara, love your blog and the information you share. Saw you at Music Meets Runway 2013 but was too shy to say hi. Where did you buy or recommend to get the Real Technique Starter set? Its the core collection set that is easier to find now. Will appreciate your response. Thanks


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