1923 Photoshoot with Oma

20 Apr 2013

Not once have I been to a portfolio shoot arranged personally with a photographer without a theme for the shoot in mind. The day of the shoot with Ifeoma and Dipo was no different as I went prepared with the looks I would do and how they would transition into each other.
Nothing however prepared me for the model ie. Ifeoma. With her perfect bone structure and flawless skin I was immediately inspired and abruptly changed course.
her flawless skin was perfect for my Fashion Fair skin revive foundation and a dab of Benefit High Beam by Benefit cosmetics to highlight.
After the first series of shots which were mainly flawless skin and brows, I decided to play around with my Sam Fine Tunisian Nights quad for this monotone look.
P.S. I used the purple in the quad as blush
a bit more purple and black, fashion lashes and a dip into my flash palette created this look.
Another dip into the flash palette created this lip
I can't remember what palette this green eyeshadow came from but the red lip was mixed from the flash palette too.
As you can see, I eventually went for a very dewy skin (almost shiny/glossy if you like) and bold lips. When I got the final pictures from Dipo, I was (and still am) in love with them.
Even though this was out of my normal beauty shoots I thoroughly had fun and look forward to working with Oma again very soon.

Photography - Dipo of Blackchild Photography
Model - Ifeoma
Makeup - Barbara & 1923
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