Barbara's Weekly Recap

19 Apr 2013

Hello everyone and TGIF *yippee*
This week I have been at a training to become a certified Google Advertising Professional alongside regular work with presentations and strategy proposals and all that. So I haven't really been actively online (a friend said she was on the verge of sending a SWAT team to look for me, lol)
Not much has happened but I did try to post some Keek updates.
I have gotten a whole load of new Instagram followers even though I couldn't share anything on there this week. As usual, my pinterest account is thriving *dunno why* and I am grateful for it.

Here are the Keek videos I posted this week

On Pinterest, here are my popular pins this week
I do have a lot of pins which also made it to most popular this week like the Genevieve poster for MUD, Ramadan poster, Red lips and the shoot with the pink MUFE Butterfly lashes.

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