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22 Apr 2013

Shamefully I was one of those who instantly condemned BB creams as not being suitable for darker skin tones before I tried them. Fortunately for me, I got to use one before I went in too deep.
Basically BB creams are a new introduction into the beauty industry. They are supposed to help streamline the makeup application process and cut it down by half (or less) because they are formulated with a mix of moisturiser, primer, sunscreen, foundation, concealer and even skin treatment.

Funke of Gifty's Daughter gifted me with a Sephora BB cream in Dark when she got back from TMS NY. I was skeptical at first and actually didn't try it out until much later but I finally did and it was absolutely love at first use. 
it feels and looks like skin and provides me with just the right amount of coverage I need. I usually like just enough coverage to reduce the appearance of my spots and even out my skin.
this is what my skin looks like when I use the BB cream. It brightens my skin up and evens it without giving me that overly made up look
I don't mind admitting that I was wrong and I am glad I had my opinion about BB creams changed for good. I recommend it for that mix of moisturiser and foundation. My skin never feels dry when I have it on and it helps considerably that it has SPF in it too. I am not sure if Sephora has BB shades for skin tones way darker than mine (I got the shade in Dark and I am kind of caramel skin toned) but with the launch of AJ Crimson's line of BB creams I believe darker toned gals have something to look forward to in this line.

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