Thrift Find: Pearl Green Shimmer Blazer

6 Mar 2013

As she walks in the room, the light is brighter; the ball glimmers and sparkles as the shimmer gets nearer.

I have never been  to a disco before so I wondered why this was the very place I thought of wearing this blazer to. I guess it is true what they say about not being able to control your thoughts (sometimes).
I was coming home from work, attending to an errand for my neighbor on the way too – the errand was to buy a scarf actually. I never did get the scarf for her though (as they didn’t have a silver one) but I got seven for myself (including an animal skin one) and this blazer which I am definitely loving.

the buttons are really pretty. Yeah some tiny stones are missing but who will look at that with the blazer on my body?
when i first saw this in the market, i thought they were plastic buttons. I loved the surprise I got when I realised it was a foil wrap and all 6 buttons were intact.
with no flash you can see the shimmers on it
What caught my attention was actually the buttons on this jacket. They had pearls in them. I was disappointed they were frayed and then told myself that I would replace them with real vintage buttons. But I got home and saw that all the buttons were complete, and said to myself "perhaps not".

I wore it to work once and even though it has lost a bit of the fitting (cos of my recent weight loss), I still love it and even got compliments on it.

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