28 Days of Red - Day 8 'Casual Friday with a Long neck chain'

8 Feb 2013

Hello everyone and Thank God it is friday!
I almost broke my series this morning, thank goodness I remembered in the nick of time.
I woke up this morning looking forward to wearing an all black ensemble with brown brogues and a brown bag. After dressing up, I began to prepare my breakfast; with the butter knife in my hand and a slice of wheat bread in the other, I suddenly remembered that I had to have on my person a touch of red. 

I certainly could not start dressing-up all over again (especially when there was a power outage) so I just dug out this long necklace (do you remember my Inglot post? I got this along with the Inglot products)

I love the red and black infused into it. Knowing that red and black is one of my best ever combos, you bet this is a favourite of mine and the only long neck chain I own.
Here I am today and please forgive the weird pictures (this is my first time taking clothing shots of myself)
I will be sharing what red nail polish I have on in a nail post this month.

To get this look, here is a set
28 Days of Red - Casual Black Friday
28 Days of Red - Casual Black Friday by barbsieo featuring black pants
P.S. Remember to enter the '28 Days of Red' contest to win N50,000 worth of BM|Pro products.

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