28 Days of Red - Day 7 'Nouba No7 Review'

7 Feb 2013

You all remember this picture way back in November last year right? It was from Chychy's wedding trial shoot and I promised to do a picture review of the lip product on the page. Well, I didn't and now my sins have come back to bite me, lol.
There is no way this series will be complete without reviewing this product.

The Nouba Millebaci Long Lasting lip colour no7

- Usually matte products don't do so well on lips that have not been thoroughly moisturised. This product has a way of both moisturising and smoothing the lips so there is no cracking.
- Very pigmented
- A vibrant and long lasting wear

When I first got this product and tried it on, the first thing that struck me was the vintage quality of it's output. It reminds me so much of Marilyn Munroe's red lips.

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  1. Oh God, I love the lip colour. I had been waiting for your review. Great job dear.

    1. I absolutely love this lip colour too. I am a miser with it, lol.

  2. Very beautiful


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