28 Days of Red - Day 6 'What will it be?'

6 Feb 2013

It has been a while since I wore this vintage blouse I got in January so I have paired it for work with these black high waist pants and black Max pumps. 
In a perfect world, this combo would be all wrong..............
In a perfect world, this would be an all vintage/classic outfit composition with the right pair of shoes and handbag to match. So I have decided to dream a little - if I had a $549 shoulder strap bag and a pick of any of these red vintage style shoes to go with the blouse, pants and pearl earrings; which would it be?Vintage red style
Vintage red style 
I have a pair I am leaning towards but considering the fact that I have never been known to make good style choices, I bet you all have a better idea of which would fit.

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