28 Days of Red - Day 3 'Nails & Tools'

3 Feb 2013

There is a difference between having red as one of your brand colours and including red in your packaging design. Unfortunately, quite a number of the Nigerian brands I have reviewed here are in the former category and so will not heavily feature in this series with the exception of their 'red' coloured products.

I know there are a couple of brands with red packaging but I will be using the ones I have (thankfully Nigerian. You all know how pro-Nigerian I am).

Here they are

Khuraira cosmetics
Gifty's Daughter Professional brushes
Gifty's Daughter travel brush set (not out yet but I got one to review)
Along with some of the relatively new things I will be dabbling in is my venture into nail polish.
cheap glitter polish I got and the OPI Red Shatter
That's all for now folks.
Tomorrow, we begin the series proper with a very monday appropriate but red tinged FOTD.

P.S. Remember to enter the '28 Days of Red' contest to win N50,000 worth of BM|Pro products.

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