28 Days of Red - Day 2 'The Accessories'

2 Feb 2013

Accessories are known to either make or break an outfit. Thus, making them an integral aspect of the fashion styling process. Knowing that I am not one to indulge in anything fashion related (for fear of falling flat on my face, lol), I will be working with these by themselves or with solid colours.
Maybe, just maybe, after this dive my sense of style will get to an all time high *fingers crossed*

Here are some of the accessories I will be featuring

Animal skin red handbag - this was a christmas gift from a colleague to all the females at work last year  and I must say that it came in handy a lot of times.
Graphic print scarf - hmmm, this scarf has gone through a lot. I will probably recount it's tales on the day it is featured.
Statement necklace - in the 4 years I have owned this, it has adorned my neck just once. This is not due to any fault of it but due to my inability to work with it (so help me!)
Vintage earrings - the only time I was at LPM this was one of a couple vintage earrings I got. I danced round my house when I discovered it was original lucite. Worn only once since purchase
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