Weekend Blues - Elsie Vintage + Ariaba Shopping Event

12 Jan 2013

The first weekend of 2013, Funke of Gifty's Daughter was in town and we went out together to the Elsie Vintage + Ariaba Shopping event which I had heard about on twitter.

I have known Elsie Vintage (owned by Onyinye Fafi Obi of fashionphoenix06.blogspot.com) since last year January but have never had the chance to get an outfit from her monthly blog sale. When I heard she was going to be at the event, I knew I had to be there.

The event was to start by 12pm and we got there at exactly that time. Unfortunately, the inconsistencies of Lagos held sway and a lot of the exhibitors were not there yet. We met 2 lovely sisters (the sisters of Feo's Exhibitions and Nouva Couture) and instead of letting us stay idle, they showed us the newly opened Inspiro Galleria. It was well worth it. I will let you come to your own conclusions about the Galleria from the pictures I took below
the view of the Galleria from the door
Bibles, Christian and Inspirational literature
Christian symbolic items
Christian symbolic items made out of delicate glass and china
Mugs with scripture verses and Inspirational messages
When Funke saw this mug and read out what was on it I just knew I had to get it. We got one each of the 2 remaining in the store.
a beautiful candle holder
light-weight chests
carved lounge chairs
"Every hour or every day is a perfect miracle'
By the time we were done and wanting to escape before we bought anything else, the exhibitors were around.
Elsie Vintage
lovely cupcakes that Onyinye brought along. Didn't get to see who they were from.
the Ariaba earring stands
O'eclat bags
I didn't get to take a lot of pictures of the event proper because I was busy wondering how to escape from all the absolutely stunning goods they had on display lol.
I had a lot of fun, networked with everyone (they were such wonderful people and I am so glad I met them all) and was sad to leave.

I got a huge haul from this event and will be sharing it in another  post.


  1. wow, pls where is this Inspiro Galleria? those mugs are super cool.


    1. Hi Chichi, it is located at 1, Joseph Nahm street, VI


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