Barbara's Weekly Recap

11 Jan 2013

It's TGIF today, yaaay!
In this new year, there will be a recap of everything I do on Instagram, Pinterest and all my other  visually led social media platforms every friday.

I just joined Instagram over the holiday and so far I am absolutely loving it. So today I will be sharing my week on Instagram.

Left to right from the top:
1. I watched a really inspiring Nollywood movie and this was one of the verses the female hero used.
2. Stopping by at the BMPro store I just had to swatch some red glosses and buy one
3. A clean smokey eye look to church - smokey without colour though
4. My new favourite manga cartoon 'Hunter x Hunter'
5. I really missed my blog over the holidays
6. Trying out the vintage tops I got from 'Elsie Vintage'
7. A bowler hat I thought we could re-purpose as a cloche hat for a shoot
8. Was at an art store and just had to take a picture of this which was on the wall
9. Trying out the length of this pearl necklace
10. A lovely chiffon vintage blouse.

There is more, and you can check them out on my Instagram feed.
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