Product Review: Benefit Hello Flawless Brightening Makeup

10 Jan 2013

Darkness cast out, light welcome, all gloom, gone for always.

This is how I always feel when a blemish is covered or a spot is concealed or dark under eyes brightened.
The third is however one of the most sought after nowadays and that is where this product comes in.
Hello Flawless!
Also from Abi, I first considered this product too light for my complexion and was at a loss what to do with it and who to try it on before reviewing. While still considering, I threw it into my personal makeup and promptly forgot about it. 

One morning while preparing for church, I was mixing my foundies and it occurred to me that I could try mixing Hello Flawless with something too. So i mixed it with a little of my MK 507 foundation and applied underneath my eyes. Voila, all was light!
- Lightweight and oil free
- Easy spread rate
- Easy to blend
- Can be custom mixed with another skin product

This product is now in my makeup kit as a product I will not hesitate to use on Clients.


  1. Hello Barb.I usually mix MK 507 with 607 to get my ideal color/ I have 2 questions: 1) is this product a foundation. 2) when mixed wit 507, was the outcome a lighter or a darker tone. Thanx 4 ur blogs. Always insightful.

    1. Hello Rachel, thank you for visiting.
      This product is actually a brightening foundation ie. it has ingredients in the formulation which help to brighten skin. I mixed it with the 507 to actually darken it as the shade I got was a really dark one.
      I hope my answers help

  2. Hi ,pls where can I get this product in lagos been looking for it for months and if possible do you sell it ? I use Mk 607 & 507,would really appreciate it

    1. Hi Seyi, this product is actually not available in Nigeria due to the fact that they tend to target most of their products towards light skinned women. This particular is actually tricky to use and I tend not to use it unless I am absolutely focused on my makeup application that day *grin*


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