And the Feet Speak, What do they say?

12 Jan 2013

Step to the left, step to the right, spin around and bring it …… - R. Kelly

Just to ease your mind, my feet didn't actually speak, but you knew that right?

After the picture, the intro verse and the first line of this post you are probably wondering 'What the heck?' But I sure got your attention and that's fine by me.
I went out and got myself some shoes. It is something we all do every other day but not me. I am as frugal as they come so 3 pairs was a lot.

A friend was having sales at her store but unfortunately she had not a single mid heel pair that I could buy so I ended up buying the 2 flat pairs from her.

I still wanted a black pair though so when I met up with a dear friend at the mall and tried this pair, the decision was out of my hands. Too high for me I would say but when I put my feet in it, it turned out to be much lighter and more comfortable than I had thought. Out came the amount I had and he completed it. So this pair is definitely for him and not for me, lol.
see my Pierre Cardin ankle boots in the background. Was trying to clean them and put them back
It so happens that all the shoes are actually out of my comfort zone – multi colours, black stilettos and then gold ballet flats; for Pete’s sake I wear only black, sensible, mid heel pumps to work and everywhere else. Or black/brown flat slippers or sandals. Well, I guess this is where I need to change.

My favourite is the purple, red and black brogues  though.
What do you all think?


  1. omg, the multi-colored lace-up brogues are uber-cool (gimme gimme gimme), and that gold flats too (been looking for the perfect Gold flats), and those always-good black high heels... *sigh* *stop my now*

    pls visit and follow my blog-

    1. LOL, they are my favourite too as you must have noted.
      visiting back right away


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