Product Review: Fashion Fair True Finish Refining Mineral Foundation

17 Jan 2013

The true worth of a metal can mostly only be determined after refinement.

In the same vein as the above verse, I present to you the Fashion Fair Refining Mineral Foundations (not all of them of course, lol)
I had (and still have no clue) how Fashion Fair makeup is categorised so I told Funke to please try to get me a shade as close to mine as possible. When I first tried both on my skin I concluded that none of them was the right shade for me.
On New Year's Eve, I was undecided whether to do a look or not but decided to try these out fully and check them out properly. Fine Mahogany was obviously too dark and Loving Mocha was too red;
'a pause and a slight look away from the mirror', when I looked back in the mirror, i was shocked to find that apart from a slight glow to my skin, coverage and complexion evenness, there was no way anyone would know that I had a full face of foundation on. So Loving Mocha is perfect for my shade. You can view the FOTD I did with it here
from the outer to the inner packaging, this product looks premium all through
I love the transparent hard plastic and even the way the dispenser pumps are
everything written on the package is true
Yes, everything written on it is true - it colour adjusts, illuminates the skin. leaves a natural, healthy glow and does not strain the skin in anyway.
- It is easy to blend
- A little goes a long way
- Light to medium coverage
- Dewy, natural finish

With regards to out climate and different skin types, this product should be used cautiously. Due to the illuminating attributes, it tends to leave certain skin types glowy; and this can be mistaken for sweaty, greasy or glossy unless it is properly powdered down. I experienced this the very first time I used this on a Client and it was not pleasant.

Will I recommend for professional use? Most definitely. 

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