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18 Jan 2013

Hello everyone, friday is here again and it is time for my weekly recap.

- I got 12 new followers on Pinterest and I am really hyped about it. At first my Pinterest account started with no engagement from my followers but in the last 2 months there has been more and more engagement and this just goes to show that consistency is key in social media.

If you all want to know what it takes to choose truly engaging pictures on Pinterest, please let me know in the comments or on my FB page.

- On Instagram, I have had my own share of a couple new followers but mainly I am still feeling my way around the platform and getting hooked on taking pictures and instantly sharing to Instagram. I have had to mentally stop myself from sharing pictures there a couple of times this week, lol.

Well here is my week on Instagram:

Left to right from the top:
1. The wedding I was talking about on Instagram (if you check my first weekend of January feed) finally came. A collage of how I looked, my dress and the accessories that I wore.
2. My daily breakfast/lunch since Monday this week.
3. My makeup look for the wedding.
4. I got a package, I got a package *dancing* (I revealed the contents on my FB page - Barbara & 1923)
5. 'This is the day that the Lord has made'
6. The next FOTD on my blog. Soon to be published.
7. I was playing around with pink ombre lips.
8. What I woke up this morning  and decided that I will do.

Not a lot of pictures from me this week. I promise to share more pics with you all next week.
Be sure to follow me on Instagram - @barbara1923

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    1. Thank you Olufunmi. It is actually a mixed fabrics dress and I guess that is one of the things that drew me to buy it.


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