How to Prepare for a Photoshoot

16 Jan 2013

Nothing comes from nothing, and nothing ever could ….. – Sound of Music
There is a saying that If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. In other words, preparation is key in everything.

I am by no means the best at getting ready for a photoshoot and I have forgotten or neglected some aspects of the preparation process in the meantime. But that does not in anyway mean that I have not learnt some valuable lessons along the way. 

I would love to share some of these lessons with you (and also read some of the lessons you have also learnt along the way).

A lot of times, proper care is not taken to ensure that all the elements needed to make a photoshoot successful are properly put in place. This is especially true when it comes to a fashion shoot. I have thus taken the liberty of listing out some essentials which I believe are needed for a successful shoot – pre, during and post


-          Know the theme of the shoot
-          Agree what is expected of everyone
-          Agree the timeline (this may be a tough one but it is possible)
-          Everyone should know what they need to have with them at the shoot
-          Verbalise your expectations

-          Execute your own part
-          Compliment each other
-          If you have forgotten anything, don’t panic, look for an alternative or ask for assistance. Always let members of the team know if there is any hiccup.
-          Have fun
-          Be sensitive
-          Be attentive. Something may need to be tweaked to ensure the perfection of your work. You will miss this if you are not paying attention.
-          Be always ready to make a last minute change.
-          Congratulate one another on a successful shoot

-          Select preferred shots
-          Edit
-          Upload to virtual portfolios/print out

Please be sure to include your own suggestions as regards what makes for a successful shoot.


  1. Verbalise your expectations - that's my favorite piece of advise. If you don't speak your mind you can't expect to get that you want. Great tips, hun!!;)

    1. Hello Peet, I actually learnt that from experience so I am really glad it resonates with you. Thanks so much for visiting.


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