1923 Face of the Day: A New Year Eve's Try with Glitter

15 Jan 2013

I stood on the verge of something great. I didn't know it neither could I understand it

Everyone does a New Year's eve look every once in a while. It is usually a glitter look and last I recall, I have 3 different pots of glitter. Hey, I decided to do a glitter look too on New Year's eve ....... and of course it had to be a glitter one too.
what I used - New Eve cosmetics palette, Fashion Fair True Finish foundation, Zaron eyeshadow duo, Avon lipgloss, Great Lash mascara, MAC lipgloss, Blush Beauty loose powder, Urban Decay cream eyeshadow and a no-name glitter liner
I am always in a hurry (kinda) when doing my makeup and always want it to be over  so I highlight my face with loose powder instead of concealer as it is a faster (lazier) way.
Hard to believe but this was my very first time playing with glitter. Also, this is my first FOTD in ages so please pardon me if it does seem a bit wobbling.
Since I was unsure how to work with it I decided to use a glitter liner instead of loose glitter and for the first time ever, I let a friend who came to visit take my pictures (except the 2 close-ups).
I had fun using glitter and I since I will be doing more FOTD posts henceforth, I look forward to another glitter look soon.
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